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Pita Plus Website Design

Pita Plus is a well designed and well organized website that serves the purpose of acting as the face of a food company. The site is filled with yummy looking delicious palette of dishes that entice the visitor into an instance appetite. The site is vertically organized and has a scrollable design that makes it perfect for mobile viewing as well as desktop browsers. The wise use of colorful imagery and captivating captions make this site truly effective.

The users are presented with a glimpse of the wide range of menu available with PitaPlus through excellent content that makes them wanting for more. They also provide enough information on the authenticity of PitaPlus. The home page gives information on where to find the PitaPlus restaurants and has some selected customer reviews and testimonials that are appropriate and quick to catch the attention of the viewer. Their contact information that is available in the bottom of the page is highlighted in a different light color and thus lets users find it easily. The site also includes social media buttons like Facebook, twitter and Google+. The site is responsive and when viewed from mobile browsers, the main menu is made available as a sliding menu that is shown when the button at the top right corner is clicked. Menu and Locations are the two main links highlighted as they form the most important information that needs to be delivered. Overall the site has a good design that makes it a pleasure to browse through.