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Do I need business credit card?

We need to have your credit card on file in order to provide you with the credit to build the website. As long as you have existing US based business it doesn’t matter if the credit card is business or personal.

Is there any down payment required?

Down payment is necessary in order to initiate and set up an account.

What is needed for approval?

Must be incorporated with your state
Must be over 18 years of age
Must have an EIN number
Must be a US Citizen or Resident

What do you have to offer?

We offer 3 different plans – WEB, SEO and Reputation Management plan, each with multiple types of packages with monthly payments. Each of the packages contains services we provide to you for a year, while you pay for them on a monthly basis. Depending on the plan and level of service required for your project, you can choose between Silver, Gold and Platinum package.

What services do you provide for each of the packages?

Silver is the basic package. Gold builds upon that – more content, a higher level of service and enhanced features for your website. Platinum is the ultimate package. It includes not only everything from the Gold, but also provides the highest level of service and advanced features, such as Dedicated Project Manager, E-Commerce and On Page Optimization. The specific information about all the levels of services and features that are covered by a particular package of our WEB Plan, you can find on our homepage and choose the one that suits you the best. If you are interested in SEO or Reputation Management, feel free to check those pages as well.

Do you work with other platforms, such as Squarespace?

Yes, we can build your website on whatever platform you choose. But it is worth noting that in that case your website will be under our account. We will transfer ownership only when it’s fully paid for.

If we build it on our platform, the account is yours and you have full control over it, besides moving the website out as long as you are not in a full payment status.

Do you offer SEO or SEM?

Yes, Puffer Web has years of experience in online marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We will work with you to define your web marketing goals and come up with a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve them.

How will you learn my business?

We will learn your business by receiving your application. Upon reviewing, we will inform you how long will it take to finish your project and to discuss any other questions we might have about your business. After we have clear vision what is needed for the success, we will do more research and develop a strategy that is specific to your business.

What do I need in order to start selling?

First you need to choose Platinum package and click GET STARTED button, then sign-up by submitting an application and that is pretty much all from your side. Your application will be delivered to us and our team will start working on your project by gathering all information we need to have the best understanding of your business and goals. During the process we will be communicating effectively and take all the necessary steps in order to create your online store.

As a new online retailer, how can I watch my spend and get customization that sets my business apart?

Admittedly, you can never get exactly what you need to establish your successful online store right out of the box. Still, our combination of offerings helps you keep a lid on your costs, especially when you’re starting out. We work with leading open-source partner companies and offer third-party extensions that will enhance your customers’ end-to-end user experience. What’s more, we can integrate best-of-breed enterprise platforms and adapt them to your specific business needs either from the get-go or as your business starts to grow.

Will I be able to build up my website, as my business grows?

Absolutely! We build websites using scalable architecture. We provide you with a content management system (CMS) that is fully automated and integrated with the structure of your website to allow your site administrator or other employee with designated privileges to update content and images. Our CMS makes it easy to create new pages or delete obsolete ones, allowing addition or removal of items to your product catalog.

How can I guarantee my customers’ information will be secure at checkout?

We integrate enterprise platform systems with your unique website to guarantee your customers’ credit card and order data information is secure. In many cases, all credit card and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks, a 256-bit SSL certificate. Our platforms accommodate PCI certification as well. What’s more, in addition to developing websites that accept a variety of credit cards, our systems are interoperable with an array of payment gateways, which offer consumers and merchants the ability to safely and securely conduct business transactions online.

How can I streamline the checkout process and avoid costly mistakes?

The efficiency of the checkout process can literally make or break an online purchase. Our websites include standard checkouts that ensure you have accurate information at your fingertips. This includes automated processes that can integrate shipping with major carriers and tax rate computation across states and countries. Plus, EDI integration with warehousing and inventory management and order management systems help to minimize out-of-stock mistakes and eliminate costly errors in product fulfillment. What’s more, in many cases, our websites allow your customers to process multiple orders with the ease of one click.

Will my E-Commerce website work on mobile?

As customers are looking for convenient and time-saving ways to shop, mobile web sales are growing at a fast pace. To keep ahead of the curve, savvy online retailers are enabling their customers to experience optimal viewing across multiple platforms—from desktop, to mobile to tablet. When that is your objective, we use our expertise in responsive design to size and adapt images on your main site to mobile environments without compromising the user experience.

Do you provide support or remote training assistance?

YES and YES! Each of our packages contains Free Support and while Silver package includes Remote Training Assistance, Gold and Silver include Training Sessions of 1 hour and 3 hours respectively.

Who owns rights to creative materials?

When your final payment has cleared, you’ll own the elements that we create for your project. We’ll give you source files and finished files and you should keep them somewhere safe as we’re not required to keep a copy. You own all elements of text, images and data you provided, unless someone else owns them.

How do I pay once I've decided what package I want?

Payments are due upon entering the contract. After you pay corporate bundle and account setup fee, your payments are monthly. You finance a balance depending on your desired package (setup fee paid up front). Your monthly payment will always be your balance. Your credit card will be auto debited every month on schedule until the 12 months are over.

When is the statement closing date?

The statement closing date is the 15th of each month.

How much is the sign-up fee and how much does every package cost including sign-up fee?

For SEO plans sign-up fee doesn’t exist, while for WEB plans, sign-up charges only for Gold and Platinum package.

WEB Plans

  • Silver – $39/ month for 12 months and a $100.00 sign-up fee.
  • Gold – $119/ month for 12 months and a $299.00 sign-up fee.
  • Platinum – $299/ month for 12 months and a $799.00 sign-up fee.

SEO Plans

  • Silver – $249/ month for 12 months and a $0 sign-up fee.
  • Gold – $399/ month for 12 months and a $0 sign-up fee.
  • Platinum – $599/ month for 12 months and a $0 sign-up fee.

Reputation Management Plans

  • Gold – $159/ month for 12 months and a $0 sign-up fee.
  • Platinum – $229/ month for 12 months and a $0 sign-up fee.
What are the maintenance fees after the project goes live?

Puffer Web does not charge any maintenance fees after your project goes live. Your only ongoing expense will be:

  • For your website will be for your monthly payment, web hosting and any software licensing (if necessary), which we will discuss with you during the project’s development.
  • For SEO and Reputation Management plans goes the same. Your monthly payment for the chosen package is the only expense you’ll have to Puffer Web.
How long will it take to finish my project?

It is hard to say how exactly it will take, since every project is different and the answer mostly depends on project complexity, amount of custom development, client revisions, and more. Once our team has reviewed your application, you will be informed about estimated time for project to be done.

What happens if I don't like my design?

We will get super creative and work super hard to get you the results you expect. But please, be patient with us, give us more info, share more examples of designs you like – the more we communicate, the better your design will be.

We understand the final design might not be 100% what you imagined but we will make sure it is close enough

Can you host my website or is it something that I would arrange myself?

Puffer Web does have hosting in offer starting from Gold package in WEB plan. For clients who decide to buy Silver package, we have experience work with many of the popular third-party hosting providers. If your project has unique hosting requirements, we will work with you to find the best possible web hosting solution.

*In our experience, be wary of any webmaster that offers to host your site themselves. If you ever choose to switch developers or move hosting, they may try to “hold your site hostage”-meaning you’d have to start from scratch with your new developer instead of updating your existing site.

We are a startup, can you help us?

No matter what point of development you’re at, we can offer you all the knowledge and expertise you need to get your start-up off the ground and onto a path to success. If you’ve only gotten as far as an idea, then we can work with you to map out a business plan and marketing strategy that will help you clearly define your vision and goals. If you’ve already got the documentation sorted, then we can help you jump straight into the creative work that will give your startup a life of its own. Depending on what you’re after, we can help you with your branding (such as a logo and business cards), website, advertising and much more. Anything that we can’t accommodate in-house can be completed by one of our trusty partners.

Do I need to be from a particular industry to work with you?

We are willing to consider any challenge that is thrown our way so we don’t play favorites with the industries we work with. Over our lifespan, we have worked with a whole host of industries including companies involved in exporting, events, telecommunication, sports, hospitality, media, transport, education and government. In the next phase of our journey we are hoping to become more involved with tech startups because we have a passion for bringing innovative ideas to life and setting them on the path to success.

I want to start a profitable blog - what package do you recommend me?

GOLD WEB package! Our best seller is the answer you are looking for! Using the most sophisticated tools, we will make you a great looking, clearly organized, user friendly Blog website. If you want, you can choose Platinum or some of SEO packages as well. Using the greatest SEO strategies we will make your Blog rate the highest in Google and by adding Google Analytics you’ll be able to watch your audience growth every moment.

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