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Workflow & Legal


Step 1:

Choose Your Service

Our services include Web Plans, SEO Plans, Reputation Management and more. You can choose beetween Silver, Gold and Platinum plans for each of our service, depending on your needs.

Step 2:

Fill Out the Form

Depending on your product choice you will be directed to fill out specific information via online forms. Please take a moment to fill out all fields with as much information as you can. These will play a big role in successful development of your project.

Step 3:

Project Development

As soon as the form is submitted we begin project development phase. After you sign up you will get access to our ticketing system where you can add any information you feel is necessary for your project. You can also always contact us via email with your ideas and concerns.


Let’s take a look at all the steps we’ll be taking in order to get your project ready:

  1. Gathering Info – We start by gathering all the information we need to get the project started. Taking the time to fill out our online forms correctly is the most crucial in this step, but we may also contact you by email/ticket/phone call if necessary. All requests and content additions that are not specified within the form are considered secondary and may not be added to your website, so make sure you fill the form in detail.
  2. Initial Design – After we gather all the information we can, we will make a quick plan on how to approach your project the best.
  3. Project Content –  In order to get your project started, and keep it within build time frame, we need the website content. We will by default provide this. This includes Text content and Images. If you want to provide all or any of these you may do this. If you state to provide content yourself, you are expected to provide all information within 3 days. If you fail to provide information after this point, we will start the build process and provide the content ourselves, to our best ability. Logo design includes up to 3 revisions. It is the sole responsibility of the User to communicate clear and detailed instructions on how would they like their logo to be created using our online form.
  4. Development – We will create the first working version of your project.
  5. Revisions – We will show you the first working version and make up to 3 necessary revisions based on your input.
  6. Project Launch – After your project is set up just the way you want it is finally ready for launch.


Any unplanned additions to your project fall under hours that are extra billable. You will be notified before we undergo any additional work of such kind.

Hourly rate: $45/hour, billed to the quarter of an hour through our online billing and desktop hour tracking software. However, most additional projects and/or project modifications will be scoped and bid on a fix-price basis.


Depending on the size and complexity of your project we will have constant communication with you during the project development phase. You can contact us anytime via email or phone, but the most efficient and fastest way is the in-built ticketing system to which you get access to after account creation. You can access our ticketing system by visiting My Account link.

  • Phone – (888) 766-3315 EXT 101 our phone number.



If you choose to provide any content for your project (such as images and text) we will assume that it comes with a guarantee that you are its rightful owner. Website ownership will be transferred to you as soon as the last payment is completed in your initial 12-month contract.


As soon as your contract starts we begin to report your credit line to bureaus. You cannot cancel your contract until your initial 12 month subscription period ends.


Payments are executed monthly and rates depend on package type. Please examine each package for more information.  Most of the packages have setup fees which are applied immediately when you purchase a subscription. Some packages such as Platinum package have a complimentary grace period of 30 days before charging with first monthly subscription.

All subscriptions are on a revolving monthly period with a minimum contract of 12 months in order to apply your business to credit line. Once this 12 month period ends you qualify for an increase of your credit line and depending on your service you payment will be cut by half. We will send out a few emails before this happens to notify you that your subscription is nearing its contract obligation


Our finance company is a registered member with Exuifax, Dun & Bradstreet NACM & CreditSafe. Failure to make payments will result in the negative reporting to the bureaus. Reports update to bureaus by the 15th of each month.

You are hiring PufferWeb for financing and building your online business presence. We are not a bank, nor are we attorneys at law.

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